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The username is generated on your device and will not be sent over the internet.

How to Create the Perfect Username

Pro tip: If you need a username with only specific characters, then uncheck lowercase and uppercase. Now check Include specific characters option and enter your custom characters including numbers, alphabets and any specific characters.

Our Username and Password Generator takes the hassle out of creating unique, fun usernames and secure, truly random usernames and passwords. Also check password strength checker to know how secure it is.

Username Ideas 2022 – Creating Unique Usernames

For almost anything you do online these days you need a username. Rather than use the same old email address to log into Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Snapchat,Tiktok, Roblox and other online sites, why don’t you create a unique username?

Creating new usernames can be awesome in a few different ways:

How to Get Ideas and Make a Good Username

There are various ways that you can create usernames. You could sit down and brainstorm some fun things yourself.

Another approach is to get a little help! You could also use a free online username generator. We included a list of username generators that you can look through at the end of this message.

Below are links to some easy-to-use online cool username generators and lists of usernames.

Important Things to Consider With Usernames

When picking a fun username there are a few things that you might want to think about:

Creating a different name for different websites.

You could make a unique username for each website or do them in groups. For example, you could use one username for your professional interests and another for your personal pages and sites. This creates some separation and makes it harder for people to track you online.

If using a username professionally.

Remember it can be the first impression a business associate or potential client will have of you.

Try to stay anonymous.

In most cases, try to keep identifying info out of your username. JohnDonMapleLane would be bad.

Check out the rules for each site.

Some sites have a limit for how long your username is. If you call yourself SuperPowerful @ youremailprovider . com, it might be too long for Twitter.

Check out our username generators and unique username idea lists below.

Protect Your Username with a Secure Password

When choosing a username, you should also give some thought to online security. You need to protect your usernames and passwords. If your username and password are stolen or hacked in a security breach, cyber criminals and others could access your financial accounts, use your info for identity theft, or hurt your reputation online.

Secure password generator is an online password generator that creates secure, strong and random passwords along with username. It remembers all of your cool usernames and passwords. Even it will Test your username to check its strength and find out how secure it is!

Username Idea Generators and Lists

A generator can help you create a username that is really unique. Some generators help you pick a username based on your hobbies and interests.

Contact Us if you have suggestions to add to our list!

Username Generator FAQ

How to generate a unique username?

Select options in username generator that you are liking then click on generate button to get a unique username.

How does Username Generator work?

The Username Generator uses JavaScript to randomly form a unique username within your browser.

Is username generator secure?

Yes. Each username is randomly generated and can only be seen by you. usernames are not sent anywhere across the internet.

Do you store the username?

No. Because we use JavaScript this allows the username to form within your own personal browser which we have absolutely no connection too past you simply accessing our website.